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TokenHub is the social platform revolutionizing adult content creators and fans/subscribers connections.
Built on Binance Smart Chain

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About TokenHub

TokenHub is the social platform revolutionizing adult content creators and fans/subscribers connections. The site will be inclusive of adult content created by the users and will allow them to monetize such content while developing authentic relationships with their subscribers.
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We have a clear mission. This is to provide solutions to our users, facilitating the creation of adult content and the connection with the creator fans. In addition to this, we will provide a decentralized payment system for those looking to monetize their content.

$HUB Token Value

This is how we plan to revolutionize the market. We don’t offer paid subscriptions as any other content provider, we favor the holders of $HUB. $HUB is a token with an intrinsic value which will allow their holders to access to premium adult content.


The Standard one, where users will have access to free public content, even without holding tokens.


The Basic subscription, where users will have access to a limited amount of exclusive content. To be part of the basic subscription the interested user will need to hold a certain amount of $HUB tokens defined by the community.


The Gold subscription, users which hold a greater defined number of tokens will be part of the Gold plan. The Gold plan will grant greater privileges and access to all available content. Gold users also may request personalized content once a week to our partner content-providers.

Financial functionalities of $HUB

In addition of accessing to premium adult content, $HUB is programed to financially benefit its holders. A fixed fee will be charged on each and every transaction made with $HUB, which will empower the holders by making them earn more tokens and granting more liquidity to the $HUB/BNB pool.
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Of each transaction, $HUB’s SmartContract will

1. Distribute 3% among every $HUB holder
2. Seed 2% as liquidity.

This means that Slippage to operate in Super Shiba Exchange shall be ≥ 5%.

TokenHUB's SmartContract:


Token allocation

$HUB Total Supply is 5,000,000 Tokens and they will be distributed as follows:

- 50% Of the tokens will be sold out in a public Initial Liquidity Offerings (ILO). Obtained funds will be seeded as liquidity

- 15% of the tokens are destined to add liquidity for other exchanges - locked for 2 months

- 3% Vault + Pools Rewards – locked until rewards date

- 3% Marketing Strategies – locked for 4 months

- 3% Team – locked for 6 months

- 26% Burnt before launch

HUB plans to have a fair launch, which means that there are no tradeable tokens other than those intended for Initial Liquidity Offerings (ILO). All other tokens, which also have specific purposes, are locked or burnt:

Team tokens DxLock:

Team tokens DxLock

Liquidity Locked:

Liquidity Locked

Strategies tokens DxLock:

Strategies tokens DxLock

Vault tokens DxLock:

Vault tokens DxLock

Burnt tokens:

Burnt tokens


Our Core Team

John Terry

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Robinson

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Thomas Ray

Chief Technical Officer